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What is the Golf Passport?

The 2024 Local Golf Passport is your ticket to playing many of the Award-Winning courses in Northern Indiana and Lower Michigan for ONE LOW PRICE!

2024 Local Golf Passport

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Get a passport for you and a friend for one low price!

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Golf Passport Testimonial

“We have bought 5 Passports for the last 4 years. The Passport gives us access to courses we wouldn’t have even thought of playing. Really excited about the addition of Glendarin to the ’23 Passport.”

S.A. - Goshen, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“The Passport gave us a reason for a mini-vacation. We picked Moss Creek near Winimac. Played the course the morning, enjoyed a late lunch, shopped the Pro Shop before driving to the hotel. It was a fun day.”

K.P. - Fort Wayne, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“The Indiana Oaks Golf Club is one of the most beautiful courses, and fun to play! Never would have played it if it wasn’t for the Passport.”

D.C. - Fort Wayne, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“My wife and I, with friends, like to use the Local Golf Passport as our Day Trip Planner. The four of us select the golf course we want to play, then include either lunch or dinner at a restaurant near the course. We do this a 2-3 times a month during the summer. It is always a good time.”

B.R. - Columbia City, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“I bought the Local Golf Passport for my son. When his schedule changed, and he was unable to use it, I took up the game of golf so the Passport wouldn't go to waste. I took lessons, joined a women’s league, and even bought a membership at one of the Passport Golf Courses.”

M.L. - Fort Wayne, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“A lot of my golf buddies like to try different tracks and so I just go to my local golf passport, find a course I haven’t played yet and pretty soon we’ve got a tee time and I have another free round of golf. The funny thing is when they see me pull out my passport they all want one right then.”

B.C. - Elkhart, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“Thanks to you all at Golf Passport. Our teenage son loves the game but playing our course gets boring for him and us as well. The Passport makes playing fun and challenging. (Odd we have found that he is mapping each course before we play) Golf is a great game.”

Golf Passport Testimonial

“What a great concept … we had a bunch of guys in a pool who played, the more courses you played the more it weighted for your season score … the best scores with handicap (some liars)  plus number of courses …determined the winner  (however that is still in dispute.)  A few more beers and we may reach a settlement.”

Golf Passport Testimonial

“Just wanted you to know that even though we only played seven rounds last summer, I saved a couple hundred dollars with your Passport!”

M.J. - South Bend, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“The best part about the local golf passport is that I spend a lot of the summer at the lakes and there are a ton of courses up there included so I had to have one.”

K.P. - Auburn, IN
Golf Passport Testimonial

“I always get the local golf passport because there’s so many different kinds of courses that I can play – the tough ones with my golf buddies who are scratch golfers or the easier ones for my friends who just like to go and play the game anywhere.”

D.H. - Fort Wayne, IN